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Your DMC Gift Bag

Here are some goodies that our sponsors and speakers have made available just for you. Enjoy!

Get your Free Ministry Benchmark Scorecard

Benchmark and trend data can be powerful resources to help guide you to new opportunies and growth. The power lies in your ability to take action on those opportunities. With this free benchmark study and brainstorming session you will receive:

  • Ministry Benchmarks Study: Learn what the standard are for your industry
  • Custom Socrecard for your Ministry: See how your ministry is performing compared to ministry averages
  • Free 1 Hour Consultation: Talk with one of our digital strategists on what steps you can take to improve your scores
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Download the Responsive Fundraising Toolkit

Donor-centric nonprofit teams know giving is deeply personal, and use responsive fundraising strategies to deliver personalized donor experiences and treat all their donors like major donors. The Responsive Fundraising Toolkit will equip your team with the strategies, action plan, and examples you need to do the same.

Terms of Service by Chris Martin

Social media is brilliant and obscene. It sharpens the mind and dulls it. It brings nations together and tears them apart. It perpetuates, reveals, and repairs injustice. It is an untamed beast upon which we can only hope to ride, but never quite corral.
What is it doing to us?

In Terms of Service, Chris Martin brings readers his years of expertise and experience from building online brands, coaching authors and speakers about social media use, and thinking theologically about the effects of social media. As you read this book, you will: 

  • Learn how social media has come to dominate the role the internet plays in your life
  • Learn how the “social internet” affects you in ways you may not realize
  • Be equipped to push back against the hold the internet has on your mind and your heart

More Giving. More Ministry. More Impact.

iDonate was born out of a heart for generosity: how could we help Kingdom causes advance. More than 1,000 faith-based nonprofits and churhes use our Digital Giving platform to increase giving for Kingdom work. We share the same biblical foundation of service that you do: to honor the Lord in all that we do. Download and read more.

GivingDNA Overview

Free Trial to GivingDNA

GivingDNA helps fundraisers see the stories in their data and make better fundraising decisions. In a single platform, you can transform the way you identify, segment, and most importantly engage donors, no matter where they are in their journey. We remove the guesswork, by providing blended internal and external data segments of the right donors to engage, in a clear format and automated process to make strategic fundraising simple.

Get 1 year of Pray Plus for free and claim your ministry page

Gain access to our entire premium content library and join the waitlist to claim your ministry page on PRAY. With your own page in our mobile apps and website, you can grow your reach and share your content with a new and growing Christian audience. Let's get started!

Creative Brief Guide

How to develop your brand's strategy. When starting a new campaign, writing a creative brief can be a challenge. But, if done correctly, your brief will help your team stay aligned and formulate a cohesive brand message. It will be your foundation to build your campaign. The DO MORE GOOD Creative Brief Guide will help your organization develop a marketing strategy and outline a plan to reach your goals. Get the full guide today.


Meta for Faith Resource Hub

Discover. Connect. Learn. Resources to help your faith community connect with and serve your members through Meta. As COVID-10 necessitated limiting in-person gatherings, faith leaders around the world have been grappling with unprecedented challenges to stay connected with their communities. That is why we have gathered information to help you leverage Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to make it easier to connect with and serve your members and followers. During this uncertain time, we want to equip you with the online tools and information to continue inspiring people and give them hope.