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Deep Dive Topics

These are a sampling of topics to spark discussion of common challenges.

Post your group's challenges on Slack so that others can learn from your discussions. Shared challenges will be compiled later and posted here.

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Donation page Optimization
  • Email Automation
  • How to Navigate Facebook?
  • Tech Stack - what tools do you use for your ministry?

Core Web Vitals

Highlight: One of Five Q's clients did a lot of work to get their Core Web Vitals into the ‘Good’ area. They saw a sudden spike in search traffic in mid-January when Google ‘turned on’ the algorithm to drive more traffic to pages with better Core Web Vitals.

Talking Points:

- "How do I know where our website stands on Core Web Vitals?"

- "Our website seems fast but we still fail Core Web Vitals"

- "How do I understand page speed reports?"

- "What issues are important but do not appear in a Google PageSpeed Insights report?"

- "How can I balance page speed with using tools like Google Analytics?"

- "Why are our changes not having any effect?"

Conversion Tracking

Salem generated a 10x increase in email capture with no change in traffic by measuring conversion rates over a series of A/B tests. Their website had a sidebar with an account registration. They tested using a Free Resource popup with Journity instead and saw conversion rates increase by 100%. Next, they tested different images on that Free Resource popup and saw another 100% increase in conversion rates! Then they tested offering a Free Resource on a topic hot in the news and again saw over a 100% increase. Then they tested exchanging the PDF for a survey and saw a dramatic increase from 1.7% conversion rate to 5.0% conversion rate. Because they measured the conversion rates Salem was able to experiment and continuously improve.

Talking Points:

- “What is something you measured on your site?”

- “Once you measured it, did you make any changes?”

- “Have you ever been surprised by the result of a test?”

- “What can you start tracking conversion rates on?”

- “How do you measure conversion rate”?

- “What tools do you use to measure conversion rates?”

Email Automation

Highlight: Truth For Life added Hubspot popups to the top of the page collecting email only in exchange for free downloads and–after much testing–saw about 3,000 new contacts per month.

Talking Points:

- “How do you increase engagement on emails?”

- "What numbers should my ministry pay attention to?"

- "What are ways to grow your email list?"

- "How do you convince your ministry to make email engagement a priority?"

- "How can you run tests on different subscribe and donate forms?"

- "How have you seen value from your email list?"

- "How can we have engaging emails when we are short on staff?"

Navigating Big Tech and Ads

Highlight: Google has refused to serve ads from pro-life ministry Live Action for both their abortion pill reversal and video Baby Olivia, even after spending over $170,000.

Talking Points:

“Have you had any limitations with what ads you can create on Facebook or other social media?”

“How did you work around those limitations?”

“How impactful would it be if a social media platform refused to serve your ads?”

Tech Stack: Your Best Tools

“What tool do you use to edit your website?”

“How do you handle popups?”

“What is the best donation system?”

“How do you send emails to your mailing list?”

“How do you post on multiple social media platforms?” 

Landing Page Optimization

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